06 November 2014

Textile Patterns by Giulio Iurissevich

Tattooed man with beard surrounded by himself in a pattern
Textile Pattern Enlarged Detail (Bearded Man). Illustration © Giulio Iurissevich

Textile Pattern Illustrations designed by Giulio Iurissevich for Fashion Magazines, Furniture Designers, and Clothing Labels.

Giulio Iurissevich’s incredibly detailed Textile Pattern Illustrations for Fault Magazine, Vetreria Valeri, Сергей Скрибо, and others.

More Information about Fashion Illustrator Giulio Iurissevich

Giulio Iurissevich is an Italian artist who specialized in illustration, design, fashion, and digital imagery. Deconstruction is crucial to his style. By breaking down multiple fragments and bringing them together to create new forms, Giulio creates something of his own.
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