20 February 2014

3x3 Illustration Show No 11 Call for Entries Poster Art by Carlos Araujo

3x3 Illustration Show No 11 2014 Call for Entries Poster Art by Carlos Araujo

Illustrator Carlos Araujo was recently selected to have his illustration appear on the call for entries poster for the 3x3 Illustration Show No. 11 2014.

About the contest: "Our mission is to spotlight the best contemporary international artists we can find and encourage a new focus on the use of illustration by the global editorial, advertising and design communities. To that end we hold juried competitions once a year to highlight the best and brightest talents of each year. This year’s show is no different, a top line-up of judges from the art director side coupled with industry- leading illustrators from both sides of the pond." Deadline for entries is March 31,2014.

Continue Reading on Carlos Araujo's Blog, Silbach Station.

More Information about Illustrator Carlos Araujo

Carlos Araujo is a whimsical steampunk illustrator located in Brasília, Brazil. With a background in several mediums, including 8+ years in graphic design, his true passion is illustration. His fine art and educational illustrations can be seen in books, album covers, magazines, posters, and gallery shows worldwide.

Continue reading about Carlos Araujo, or contact Store 44 Reps for inquiries regarding future projects.

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