08 January 2014

Arizona Office Of Tourism Photography and Video by Wayne Rainey

"Kick Off Your Shoes", Arizona Office of Tourism Photograph by Wayne Rainey

Arizona Office Of Tourism Photography and Video by Wayne Rainey. Off Madison Ave, Agency. Production by Big Monkey Films, Art Director John Tomkiw, and Editor Jon Jenkins

Arizona Office of Tourism Ads featuring the photography of Wayne Rainey. The first ad from the series, “Kick Off Your Shoes” went viral and appeared on Mashable, AdWeek, and USA Today thanks to Off Madison Ave’s installation of the image in Chicago along with a giant pair of foam flip flops and two cars crushed underneath. More photographs and ads from the shoot, along with the official Arizona tourism video and a behind the scenes video of the Chicago installation is available in Wayne Rainey's Arizona Tourism Portfolio.

More Information about Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer Wayne Rainey

Wayne Rainey is a fine-art and commercial photographer, and an artistic community activist based in Phoenix, Arizona. Educated in photography through 25 years of practical experience, Rainey has specialized in commercial fields such as food, lifestyles, resort, and major production advertising. In addition to his commercial career, Rainey’s reputation in the fine arts world is well known through exhibitions at Bentley Gallery and reviews in publications such as ArtNews and Communication Arts.

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