22 November 2013

Fine Art Illustration Installations by Mario Sughi

Collection of Fine Art Illustration Installations by Mario Sughi
Photograph © MarioSughi

A collection of Fine Art Illustrations and Gallery Installations by the well-known illustrator Mario Sughi a.k.a. Nerosunero from Dublin, Ireland.

This article features the Fine Art Illustrations of Mario Sughi, showcasing his unique blend of digital paintings based on his street photography in different cities across Europe.

More Information about Illustrator Mario Sughi, AKA Nerosunero

Mario Sughi aka nerosunero is an Italian artist and illustrator living and working in Dublin, Ireland. His evocative works draw influences from British Pop-Art and old Italian masters, capturing a moment in time where the relationships and players are merely hinted at, leaving the viewer to flesh out the stories in their own imaginations. Mario Sughi's creates his work directly in the computer using a graphic tablet. He relies on his own sketches and photographs as inspiration, but his artistic process means that his work exists only as prints. Mario's fine art portfolio and editorial illustrations have appeared in galleries and publications across Europe.
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