04 September 2013

Latin American Ilustración 2 Featuring Carlos Araujo

Carlos Araujo's illustration, Hotelo

Carlos Araujo's album cover illustration for Brazilian rock band "Hotelo" was selected to be part of the Latin American Ilustración 2 Collection, from the producers of American Illustration.
"From 431 images, only 29 were selected to represent the best images from Latin America. The 29 selected images will be presented in New York City at our two exclusive events in November. 
BIG TALK, Wednesday, November 6th. A symposium with the juries from the year's competitions, including AI-AP, Latin American Fotografía and Ilustración 2, and a screening of the Int'l Motion Art Awards 2 winners.
the PARTY, Thursday, November 7th. Celebrating the winners in American Photography 29, American Illustration 32, Latin American Fotografía and Ilustración 2, and the International Motion Art Award 2."
Visit Carlos at his blog, Silbach Station, or follow him on FacebookTwitter, or Flickr.

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