04 October 2010

Promoting Yourself To Dream Clients

Speider Schneider

Our friend Speider Schneider is back with another great article on Smashing Magazine, this one titled, "Breaking Down Doors: Promoting Yourself To Dream Clients":

There’s a saying that the School of Visual Arts in New York City once used in its ads: “To be good is not enough when you dream of being great.” We all have dream clients that we would like to add to our portfolio, but either we don’t know how to reach them or have no idea how to even start. Promotion is not a big subject at art school, and I know way too many creatives who stare at the phone and wonder why it’s not ringing.

Continue Reading... There's even a bit in there about how Store 44 Reps uses Google Adwords for our regional advertising. All in all, a good read for freelancers.

The Smashing Book is available on Amazon.com

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