31 October 2010

Giving It Away for Profit

Cory Doctorow photo by Paula Mariel Salischiker
Cory Doctorow photo by Paula Mariel Salischiker

Science fiction author and Boing Boing editor Cory Doctorow was interviewed recently on
NPR's All Tech Considered. Doctorow discusses his use of Creative Commons licensing and lays out his plans for self publishing profits based on a business model that includes the word, "free". While Doctorow is an author, several visual artists have used similar methods to promote and sell their works by having the right mix of free downloads, print on demand from outlets like blurb or lulu, and limited edition (read expensive) customized books.

"In other words, Doctorow is giving away free e-books in hopes of getting people buy the paper books; he's offering print-on-demand paper books with four different covers through Lulu.com; he's soliciting donations; and he's printing 250 hand-sewn limited-edition hardcovers that will run $275 each."

Doctorow also touches on some of the concepts laid out in 1000 True Fans, and
The Full Monty Marketing Mix.

Listen to the full interview here, or read a brief excerpt on NPR.org...

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