03 December 2008

New Illustrator Carlos Araujo

Carlos Araujo is an illustrator currently located in Brazil.

He has worked as graphic and web designer for about eight years and after some time he realized that the kind of projects that he really liked were the ones that required some kind of illustration. He enjoyed creating the illustrations so much that he decided to focus his career on illustration.

His illustration style uses silhouettes and high contrasted figures with an whimsical approach.

He also has experience in the animation field (both for the web and for TV). That experience became a strong influence in his illustrations: A lot of them look like a scene captured from an animated movie like they are a part of a larger story.

He lives with his wife in Brasilia. When he is not drawing he is thinking about it.

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More Information about Illustrator Carlos Araujo

Carlos Araujo is a whimsical steampunk illustrator located in Brasília, Brazil. With a background in several mediums, including 8+ years in graphic design, his true passion is illustration. His fine art and educational illustrations can be seen in books, album covers, magazines, posters, and gallery shows worldwide.

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