29 June 2008

Turf Tube Protects Tushes


Live through an Arizona summer and you’ll quickly learn that the most innocuous objects – flip flops, cell phones, patio furniture – can transform into searing weapons. To protect our rears from burns, Michael Dollin and crew from Urban Earth Design have invented Turf Tube, an indoor/outdoor seat covered in artificial turf. In contrast to materials such as concrete, steel, wood, or plastic, which can heat from 10-45 degrees above ambient temperature, artificial turf increases a respectable six. The turf's rapid heat dissipation makes it ideal to withstand the Arizona desert heat, where summer ambient temperatures range from 100 to 120 degrees. In addition to their burn-free surface, the no-frill Turf Tubes are durable, customizable, and manufactured locally. The designers envision a host of turf-topped possibilities including coolers, grills, lounge chairs, trash cans, lights, bar stools, swings, and pillows.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What an innovative idea! Finally a true product that responds to the climate without using excessive water and electricity! Even better, it looks "cool." Has anyone seen these in public? Just wondering what the feedback was...