27 November 2007

Store 44 Reps Welcomes Two New Photographers

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Store 44 Reps Welcomes Two New Photographers

PHOENIX, Arizona—November 27, 2007—Store 44 Reps is pleased to announce the addition of two new photographers to its roster of talent: Jackie Alpers and Brian Belefant.

Jackie Alpers takes a unique approach to food photography. Shunning the conventional lighting and styling techniques, Jackie opts instead for more of a reportage style to the subject matter, capturing the food and the experience, as-served. Later, she works the image in her studio, adding her signature painterly touch to the piece. Often Jackie's work includes people, setting more of a mood, and bringing the viewer into the human experience of the food we eat.

"Though my technique may first be perceived as strictly reportage, I do skew the viewer's perception by "painting" on the photos using light and shadow in post-production, creating scenes that are at the same time real and fabricated. I think it's really important to let food be food. I eat (or at least taste) everything that I shoot, never use a stylist and I use only available lighting. Eating is an emotional and multi-sensory experience. It's about color and texture as well as being in a certain time and place."

Portland based Brian Belefant is a television commercial director and a former ad agency creative director turned photographer. Belefant's approach to his subjects, which include landscapes and architecture, is also different. Using a filtration system he invented, Belefant shoots through liquids. In fact, the subjects of his photography are shot through a liquid essence of the subject matter: Canada through maple syrup, Ecuador through fruit juice, and Portugal through 20-year-old tawny port. Recently, Belefant's work was utilized by an Oregonian vineyard, which he photographed through pinot noir. His directing also has an influence on his work, with the images he photographs taking on a cinematic feel. In 2006, Mr. Belefant was named Photographer of the Year by the International Color Awards for his body of work.

With the addition of these new photographers, Store 44 Reps is able to present artwork in more commercial categories, while still retaining the company's fine-art roots. Jackie and Brian join portrait and lifestyle photographer Wayne Rainey, and Costa-Rican based fashion shooter Irene Peña.

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