01 February 2007

Jail Time for Guerrilla Ad Campaign?

Terror Alert

The city of Boston suffered a terrorist scare, as the guerrilla marketing campaign for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force cartoon on Adult Swim resulted in calls reporting "suspicious devices" - possibly Improvised Explosive Devices. Boing Boing is covering the story in detail. Fark has a funny thread going on the CNN story, Flickr has photos of the devices, and Gizmodo is reporting the devices are selling on eBay for 5 Grand. It's a crazy world!

UPDATE: Oh my god. The guys responsible for the stunt held a press conference outside the court where they refused to answer any questions that did not relate to 1970's haircuts. This can only get funnier. CBS4 Boston has the video.

UPDATE 2: So how much did this little fiasco cost? Turner Broadcasting has agreed to pay one million dollars.

UPDATE 3: City of Boston drops the charges. via boingboing.

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