31 December 2006

Store 44 Reps Welcomes Irene Pena

Press Release

Store 44 Reps Welcomes Fashion Photographer Irene Pena

PHOENIX, Arizona—December 31, 2006—Store 44 Reps welcomes photographer Irene Peña, a Costa Rican based fashion photographer with an eye for motion.

Educated at the Costa Rica Fine Arts School, and Santa Monica College, Irene's fashion work is not the result of hours of photoshop as many suspect, but through the use of traditional film techniques. Her work is shown individually and in groups at galleries in Costa Rica, Mexico, and The United States, most recently in a group show at San Francisco's Geras Tousignant Gallery. Irene is currently working on a fashion lifestyle series, due sometime in early 2008.

“Irene plays with the ephemeral, the mysterious, the ugly and the beautiful…that personalities, because of the effects of the light and color in her images, dance the dance of life: half tragedy and half glamour, in and of itself the very definition of the concept of style.”

Irene Pena:
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