17 April 2006

Dance Photography of Las Hijas de Otro by Irene Peña

Men from the dance troupe Las Hijas de Otro strike a variety of poses in this photography by Irene Peña
Men of the Dance Troupe, "Las Hijas de Otro" strike a variety of poses during their presentation of "10 Minutos Despues de Yo." Photograph © 2006 by Irene Peña.

Las Hijas de Otro Dance Troupe. Photographed on Location in Costa Rica by Irene Peña

Dance photography series featuring the group, "Las Hijas de Otro" performing their award winning choreographed dance routing "10 Minutos Despues de Yo."  The dance won first place at the international dance festival MasDanza in Gran Canaria, Spain. This dance photography series was photographed by Irene Peña on location in Costa Rica.

More Information about Lifestyle and Fashion Photographer Irene Peña

Irene Peña is a fashion and lifestyle photographer working between Los Angeles and Costa Rica. Her artistic background includes graphic design, painting, and advertising photography with an art degree from Santa Monica College. Her fine art collaborations with designers and artists show at galleries in both North and South America
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