08 February 2005

Wayne Rainey in PDN: 50 States

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Wayne Rainey Featured in PDN’s The 50 States Issue

PHOENIX, Arizona—February 8, 2005—Valley-based photographer Wayne Rainey was recently selected to represent Arizona in PDN’s (Photo District News) The Fifty States Issue. Published in February, the issue highlights the work of 50 photographers from across America while also touching upon the photographic climate and uniqueness of each artist’s home state.

In his interview, Rainey discusses everything from fees, clients and markets to the strong and supportive Arizona photographic community. He credits the proximity of one of the world’s foremost photographic institutions, the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, with maintaining an unparalleled, enlightening environment. “This is an unbelievable asset-to have the ability to go down [there] and see almost anything.” Rainey also acknowledges the beauty and diversity of the Sonoran landscape and its lure for photographers. A black and white portrait of architect and philosopher Paolo Soleri is featured in the article.

Wayne Rainey is a successful fine-art and commercial photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. His work has appeared in Bentley Gallery, Communication Arts, and Art News. His clients include Harley Davidson Apparel, Sam Adams, Phoenix Zoo, SRP, Circle K, and The Arizona Lottery. The monOrchid Building, Rainey’s 15,000 square foot studio/gallery space located in downtown Phoenix draws more than 5,000 people each month in connection with Art Detour and First Fridays, and was recognized by the LA Times as "the downtown gallery that launched the scene."

PDN is a monthly publication covering in depth news stories and issues within the photo industry. It is one of the foremost publications for print photography businesses.

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More Information about Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer Wayne Rainey

Wayne Rainey is a fine-art and commercial photographer, and an artistic community activist based in Phoenix, Arizona. Educated in photography through 25 years of practical experience, Rainey has specialized in commercial fields such as food, lifestyles, resort, and major production advertising. In addition to his commercial career, Rainey’s reputation in the fine arts world is well known through exhibitions at Bentley Gallery and reviews in publications such as ArtNews and Communication Arts.

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