04 December 2003

Wayne Rainey on 2003 Cool List

Press Release

Wayne Rainey Honored on the Phoenix New Times
2003 Cool List

PHOENIX, Arizona—December 4, 2003—"Phoenix is like this extraordinary canvas with all kinds of places to paint,” states Wayne Rainey in The Cool Index, a recent article in The Phoenix New Times which highlights the efforts of local artists and entrepreneurs changing the landscape of downtown Phoenix. Once desolate, downtown is now sprouting restaurants, boutiques, coffee bars, galleries and artists’ studios like the monOrchid building, a multi-use facility and current home of Rainey Studios.

Rainey is featured in the Amy Silverman article alongside of other creative and business luminaries, including Beatrice Moore, Kimber Lanning, and Chris Bianco.

"Wayne Rainey. He's a commercial and fine art photographer who opened monOrchid, a multi-use facility on Roosevelt Street that houses his own studio and gallery space, the offices of local architects and graphic designers, and the offices of Shade magazine, which he started. Rainey also owns Holga's, a 12-unit affordable-housing structure he rehabbed himself with $136,000 in grant money. He's at work on a large, low-income housing project for artists."

Since its founding in 1970, Phoenix New Times has kept the Valley of the Sun's feet to the fire. Over the years, the paper has attracted hundreds of thousands of loyal readers who consider the paper an unparalleled source of information and insight, from politics and business to music and the arts.

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More Information about Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer Wayne Rainey

Wayne Rainey is a fine-art and commercial photographer, and an artistic community activist based in Phoenix, Arizona. Educated in photography through 25 years of practical experience, Rainey has specialized in commercial fields such as food, lifestyles, resort, and major production advertising. In addition to his commercial career, Rainey’s reputation in the fine arts world is well known through exhibitions at Bentley Gallery and reviews in publications such as ArtNews and Communication Arts.

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